Cardo Packtalk Edge Phones

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Slide on Cardo’s coaching EDGEPHONES and watch as they transform your off-road training and group rides into an experience of unmatched clarity and connection. Perfectly compatible with your PACKTALK EDGE, they offer effortless syncing for clear-cut communication, whether you're mentoring on the track or bantering on a trail. With JBL’s superior sound, your voice slices through the most clamorous environments. These EDGEPHONES are not just for trainers looking to boost efficiency and safety but also for friends who crave fun on their journeys. Built for comfort, durability, and the thrill of the ride, they're the ultimate accessory for any outdoor adventure. Key Features

  • Rugged and robust design
  • Magnetic Air Mount
  • Passive noise reduction (NRR 15)
  • Ready for off-road vehicle use
  • Compatible with PACKTALK EDGE