Forcefield Body Armour - Pro-Shirt XV-2 Air

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The ultimate in lightweight, breathable upper body protection. Featuring a Freefit CE 2 back insert and Chest protector with CE2 Isolator limb armour, the ProXV2 AIR shirt is soft, comfortable, breathable and offers unrivalled protection.

Forcefield’s industry leading Isolator armour is not only 3d mouldable, super soft and heat reactive, but also has multi-Impact technology.

 - Seam-less mesh technology
 - BeCool™ 4-channel, base layer technology for increased breathability and wicking
 - Heat activated body moulding
 - Ergonomic design
 - Airflow control and humidity discharge
 - Anti-bacterial
 - Lighter weight removable armour
 - Armour thickness from only 12mm
 - Isolator CE 2 passes all 4 areas of the CE2 test (Ambient, Wet, Hot, Cold)
 - Re-designed Chest and Back Protector parts (CE2) and now ‘free fitting’.
 - Repeat Performance Technology
 - DRI-M technology. (Dynamic Reactive Intelligent Materials)