Forcefield Body Armour - Tech 3 Base Layer Pants

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The Tech 3 pants offer the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Seamless loom construction provides unrivalled strength whilst the engineered yarns combine BeCool and Dryarn to deliver a garment that is lightweight, breathable and fast-drying. Offering unbeatable wicking properties and intelligent temperature regulation to ensure you stay dry and comfortable regardless of the environmental conditions.

These garments perform 3 functions: 
To increase breathability, wick moisture away from the skin and reduce muscle fatigue by utilising compression-fit areas.

Produced on a seamless loom, the complexity of the knit means that that the process takes 2 and a half times longer to produce than a regular fabric. The reward is a garment that is technically superior and with long lasting properties.

- The ultimate base layer
- Superior comfort
- Dual purpose, intelligent characteristics: keep cool in hot conditions, keep warm in cooler conditions
- Thermoregulation properties of BeCool™
- Lightness, fast-drying Dryarn®
- Enhanced anti-bacterial properties
- Soft comfort texture
- Superior wicking properties provided by the combination of the BeCool™ and Dryarn® fibres
- Colourway: Black with yellow detailing
- Massaging inner surface fabric
- Ergonomic compression fit