Giant Loop - Coyote Saddlebag

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The Coyote Saddlebag is Giant Loop’s original rackless design for packing up to 39 liters of gear on multi-day rides. Built with highly resistant Bomb Shell™ materials, it’s a must have for transporting gear through even the toughest terrain. The Coyote can be mounted to the rear fender or tail rack of virtually any dirt bike, dual-sport, or enduro motorcycle. Includes waterproof inner liner Saddlebag Dry Pods™ and 25-inch Pronghorn Strap™ for complete waterproofing and easy installation.


Although the Coyote is designed to mount behind the seat or to a GL Tail Rack, it can be positioned differently on every motorcycle make and model. Once positioned in the desired location, the saddlebag is secured to the fender or GL Tail Rack using the two included fender hooks and Pronghorn Strap. The two side anchor straps are then secured directly to the subframe or frame to hold the saddlebag firmly in place.

Giant Loop recommends installing the included Hot Springs Heat Shield™ to prevent parts of your Coyote Saddlebag or side panels from making direct contact with exhaust components. Optional GL Mounts allow one to secure the saddlebag to existing bolt-mounted points to keep straps away from hot exhaust components.