Giant Loop - Great Basin Saddlebag

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The "Great Basin" saddlebag is made for motorcycles, offering a substantial 68-liter gear capacity without the need for side luggage racks. It fits most passenger-carrying motorcycles and features a secure mount anchor system, eliminating the necessity for extra racks. Built with Bomb Shell™ technology, it's both durable and lightweight, adhering to their "Go Light. Go Fast. Go Far" philosophy. The waterproof inner lining ensures gear stays protected from the elements.

The Great Basin Saddlebag is designed to sit on the pillion seat and anchor to the passenger footpeg mounts. It can be positioned differently on every machine and according to each rider’s preference. Each make and model may be slightly different, as will each rider’s stature and preference.

Taller riders may prefer to mount the saddlebag farther back on a tail rack. Others may prefer to move the saddlebag up to provide a backrest while riding on pavement. On some makes and models, mounting the saddlebag partially on the tail rack provides easy access to the under-seat fuel tank.