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Introducing the X.VILITUR motorcycle helmet, a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance. With its X-Sensus Vision, it offers a wider eye port for a more immersive riding experience. The visor is optical class 1, anti-scratch, and has an internal sun visor for UV protection. The Air Dynamic System ensures constant fresh air circulation, while the interior boasts luxurious materials and removable/washable components. Soundproofing features like Vortex generators and rubber sealing profiles enhance tranquility on the road. Built with X-Matrix 2 technology, the helmet is ultralight, robust, and offers world-class impact protection. Safety is prioritized with stainless steel and anti-corrosion locking mechanisms, and the Super locker 360º system secures the chin bar. With double homologation, action camera brackets, and a Winter Membrane for airflow control, the X.VILITUR is the ultimate choice for an unforgettable and safe motorcycle journey.


- X-MATRIX 2 Shell (Fiberglass, 3D organic fibers, special weaving structural,
high-performance organic fibers, biaxial fiberglass twile;
organic fibers); or X-Pro Carbon;
- Shell Sizes: 3 (XXS-S | M-L | XL-XXXL);
- Aerodynamic design, developed to minimize fatigue on long trips,
with the mask closed or open;
- Morfofit –ergonomic fitting of the cheek pads;
- Easy to operate mask button and with involuntarily opening safety mechanism;
- 360º Super Locker with double pivot for maximum mask safety
when raised;
- Special developed rubber sealing around the mask and the shield
for optimum Acoustic Isolation;
- PC Lexan Shield Clear with Anti-Fog position and central lock;
- X-SWIFT Quick Release visor mechanism;
- Visor with recessed cavity for Pinlock;
- Panoramic Eye Port;
- Integrated Sun Visor with Ergonomic Button Mechanism;
- Micro-Metric buckle stainless steel;
- Night vision – reflectors on the side, front and back of the helmet;
- X.MART DRY Fabrics;
- Soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic fabric inner lining;
- 3D Formed Pad, removable and washable;
- Easy Fit for spectacles Wear;
- Adjustable Chin Wind stopper;
- Aerodynamic Shell and Trim;
- Air Dynamic System - 1 inlet and 2 outlets air-vents;
- Chin ventilation;
- Removable Breath Guard;
- NEXX X.COM 2 Intercom system prepared, with “Plug&Play” easy setup;
- Removable Action Camera support on top and side;
- Double homologation Full Face and Jet (P/J);