Spidi Flash CE Gloves

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The new SPIDI G-Warrior gloves were developed as a technical motorcycle glove that will suit riders from novice level up to track day veterans. The primary chassis of the G-Warrior is 0.6mm to 0.8mm goat leather, prized for its comparable abrasion resistance to cow leather with less thickness, resulting in better senstivity.

They are EN13594:2015 KP certified. The palm and back of the hand are padded and double layered for added protection, with an extra layer of leather down the outside of the glove, and armor plating across the knuckles. The G-Warrior gloves are touchscreen compatible, meaning you won't have to go through the process of taking them off to change the settings in your GPS, and there are accordion flex sections across the index, middle, and third finger backs to ensure the gloves remain comfortable.

Punched holes offer excellent ventilation, and the wrist closure is an adjustable velcro strap.