Spidi Rude Perforated Gloves

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Spidi Rude Perforated Gloves
The Spidi Rude perforated Gloves will keep you cool and protected with vented leather and protection throughout the top and palm of the gloves. Short cuffed for compatibility with various jackets and riding tops.

Accordion stretch
Variable-density polyurethane shield having shock absorber functions
Vented leather
High resistant suede microfiber
Goat Leather, 0.6/ 0.8 mm thick, high fitting performance
Average weight 0.1 Kg
Touchscreen capabilities
CE: Protective motorcycle gear according to the (UE)2016/454 Regulation
PPE protective Motorcycle Gloves EN 13594: 2015 certified with Lev.1 knuckles protectors
Palm padding
Side of hand padding